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Industrial Scaffolding

Let Us Help You Get Safe and “High” Quality Access! 

  Our preferred brand of material is Layher Scaffolding, a high quality, proven material that, in our opinion, is currently superior to the competition. Their systems allow us to build a safer and much easier access and egress for our end users. For example, our squared rung ladders have higher traction and stability than rounded rungs. Our safety gates allow an easy entrance to scaffolding without having to remove your hands from the railing; just lean into the gate as you walk through. Safe and reliable access is a must on ALL job sites.  Let us build on that with you!  

 Industrial Insulation Blankets

Let Us Insulate You From Losses!

We design, manufacture and install custom made industrial insulation blanket systems.  We specialize in adverse climate personnel protection, sound attenuation and freeze protection applications.  We provide realistic quotes/estimates with no surprise additional costs.  As a NIA member, TPIS has access to the latest trends, industry updates, materials reports, software and manufacturers.

Pipe Cover Insulation

Keep Your Team Members And Your Pipelines Safe!

Uninsulated pipes often develop condensation, which can cause corrosion. In extreme cold, Uninsulated pipes can very easily freeze, insulated pipes also freeze, just at a lower rate. It is recommended to use our heat trace in combination with our pipe insulation so you can be certain your pipelines get as much usage as possible! Our insulation also helps protect your team members from burning themselves on hot pipes, by bringing the surface of the pipe down to a safe temperature! We measure, create, and install the proper materials that you need, for a price that you'll like. 

Electric & Steam Heat Trace

Keeping You At Your Temp!

At TPIS, we understand how important it is to have the right design for your application. Whether you need to maintain an exact temperature for your process, or you want to prevent your piping and equipment from lower temperatures, we can help you design, install and maintain a system that suits your needs. We have many different options that are budget friendly. We can design high tech self-regulating systems and can provide end user training so that your staff can understand and operate the systems as needed. If you have systems already in place, we can help to diagnose and repair existing issues. We have experience with most name and brand controllers available. Give us a call and let us show you how we can be of service!

Dry Ice Blasting

Let’s Go “Green” Clean!  

  Dry Ice blasting/cleaning is a way for you to turn the negative 109°F dry ice into a positive way of cleaning by allowing you to clean without having to use harsh chemicals, secondary wastes, additional waste disposal and additional man hours. Only in certain situations does your equipment have to be shut down for us to render our services, which is an enormous savings on operation down time. Dry Ice cleaning has been used for many years in various industries with a proven track record and has shown a valuable addition and alternative to the traditional methods. Give us a call and let us put your problems on ice!  

Paint & Coatings

We Can Get You “Covered”!  

  We offer an extensive variety of paints, coatings and liners for numerous applications and fields in the industry. We can work side by side with your Engineers and Maintenance professionals to determine the best plan of action for your equipment. Whether you need corrosion prevention/repair, chemical resistant, corrosion under insulation, tank linings, high temperature coatings/linings, identification, safety marking and many other applications…we can help you! We also provide many cleaning an profiling methods to ensure your coatings properly adhere and meet the manufacturer’s requirements. Let us help you keep your equipment looking nice and protected!

Other Services We Offer

Although they are not as commonly needed, our additional services do not lack the TPIS standard in quality!

Our Additional Services Include:

  • Outages and Turnarounds
  • Sand Blasting
  • Maintenance and Construction
  • Fire Proofing
  • Refractory
  • SCR Cleaning and Re-Packing
  • Specialty Outage Services (Fire Watch Confined Space)
  • HRSG Services
  • CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) Services
  • Inspection Port/Plug Installation